Hosting Reviews

We will add our own teams reviews of various hosts as general hosts as well as for hosting WordPress based websites. Please note that these reviews will be updated regularly if needed as we understand the variability of such things in the IT industry.

The rating can change so please click on the links below to check the most uptodate rating of each hosting company below – rating system is 5 stars for highest (best) rating, down to one star which is the worst possible rating for a host.

┬áTop Rated Hosts (Updated Daily) – Ascending Order

- iWebster Review

- HostGator Review

- FastHosts Review

- Blue Host Review

- WPengine Review

- 123 Reg Review

It is important to understand that there are many hosting companies out there that may not be listed, but we aim to provide the most through list, with companies with the longest observed business history as well as keeping constant changes and improvements to their systems – we also purposely keep a list of the negative ratings of hosts, as a warning to users who are thinking of purchasing from them; this of course is contemporary, as ┬ácompanies can change and improve as time goes by, and they are removed from our “naughty list” if appropriate.