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iWebsterr has been around for many years that it now deserves a review from us. They are one of the top host of choice for web designers, web entrepreneurs and other business based web hosting who like keeping their costs down to a bare minimal without affecting quality.

Pricing Review:

iWebsterr’s pricing has been the lowest and most competitive in the industry. But does this affect their quality? We had to make sure that they do not over-sell their servers so we purchased their unlimited domain plan, and entered 100 domains to host, and looked up if they were hosted on the same server or were they spread out on other servers. This is very important in SEO hosting, but the more importing aspect of this is if they oversell per server – and we were pleasantly surprised to find that they only list 1 of your domain per server. That means each server has a unique IP address, and if you are doing SEO, this can be a make or break factor in ranking and interlinking your websites.

Features Review:

They use dell only servers and boast of fast speeds all throughout the year. So we used some software to test out website speeds, and used traffic generating software to send traffic to our demo websites setup on their hosting plans. It seems that the server can handle a lot of punishment before the scripting gets disabled – which is very useful because if it does not get disables, this could affect other users websites and cause bigger problems. But it is more than enough for a small to medium sized eCommerce store to run freely on.

They provide a whole lot of tools on web analytic to see how much web traffic your websites are generating (although you can always use Google Adwords for that) – and they also provide dozens of one-click install CGI scripts which are useful when you want to work fast and build mini-websites for your clients as a web designer.

Control Panel:

iWebsterr’s control panel seemed new compared to the cPanel you see with many hosts – and some users might frown upon them for this change in control panel, we still found that it is very easy to use even for a beginner who knows nothing about managing a website. So it should be easy to adjust to – the thing we did not like is that they used a different name for cron jobs, and called it scheduled tasks, this can confuse some users, although they both are the same thing.

Support Response Time Review:

iWebsterr boast on their fast 24/7 support – this can easily be checkout by emailing them, and setting the egg timer. Their average response time was 5 minutes for simple questions and queries and 18 minutes for more complex queries. This is excellent as most top hosting companies have this time frame for response.

Our Overall Verdict for iWebsterr:

They seem to be ideal for small-medium sized businesses as well as individuals looking to start-up a website. We give them a thumbs up, although we did not like the overall usability of their website, their control panel is still more user-friendly than the cpanel.


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Good support team, good servers

Feb 23, 2017 by Dan

All you can expect from a host, good support and good uptime. haven't had any problems. I own 9 wordpress websites which are medium level traffic. Shows their shared servers are great, but also their dedicated servers if you need them.

Excellent services - top notch

Feb 19, 2016 by Rafea Jamal

Have been with iWebster for years now, and cannot fault them. I am proud that my 30+ websites are all functioning at their best speeds and high uptime. Very helpful support. Ideal host for all wordpress sites, let alone normal sites. Great for small to large businesses.

fast setup and instantly online

Jan 11, 2016 by Henry Miller

Great company - fast setup just like I needed, no hassle no fuss, fast servers, cannot ask for more. thanks guys.

Great service

Jun 27, 2014 by Fardeen Umar

good uptime, good prices and value for money. there are very few hosts if any that offer what iwebster offers for the amount you pay and keep up with the level of quality

Just signed up!

Feb 24, 2014 by Henry Swifton

Just signed up with iWebsterr and have to say, i am very impressed at support response, and instant setup for me. Have had no problems, everyones professional and very polite mannered. I hope that this hosting relationship lasts more than my previous host, which was fasthosts.

iWebsterr are currently helping me setup my first website and they have been very patient with me, and explaining the things which are obvious and probably tedious to explain.

Love their service!

Feb 24, 2014 by Martha

Probably the best hosting around compared to the top hosting companies in the US and whole of europe. I was with hostgator before, and they dont even have half the features for the same price as iWebsterr, so def will be staying with these fellows for a long time.

just bought hosting from iWebsterr

Jan 05, 2014 by Sarah

I just got hosting from them about a week ago and couldnt hold myself from writing a review/testimonial for them as they have been so helpful with my dozens of questions.

I know nothing about setting up websites, and after talking with their team before and after purchase, they have gently guided me through so many things that I have already setup the basic website with text and images already. I just have to do the seo work which is long term anyway.

if you are considering buying from them, i would give a thumbs up from me and tell you not to hesitate from buying.

Great hosting so far

Dec 25, 2013 by Henry

Just love the control panel and the ease of installing wordpress. I am glad i found iWebsterr because i heard horror stories of other companies which I would never go near.

IWebsiterr has been around for a while now and am glad to be on board with their unlimited domains plan, which is probably the best deal anyone can find online, especially as a web designer who has many clients, you can easily charge extra for your own services as iWebsterris like a wholesale hosting provider.

Just Bought Hosting from iWebsterr

Nov 28, 2013 by Edwards Kim

Just bought their hosting unlimited domains plan and so far so good. Great prices for what your getting, did a server speed test on 2 of the sites i just setup, and they are running better than expected (a lot better than my previous host godaddy).

Will update if anything changes as its only bee a week since I bought the hosting from them. Glad I found them.

iWebsterr Review

Nov 26, 2013 by Helena Korova

I bought a hosting plan from iWebsterr and mistakening selected the yearly instead of the monthly. I emailed them for a refund which they did instantly after sending the email (i did not tell them I wanted to change the hosting as I wanted to test if they even refund like most hosts which cause so many issues on refund!).

Anyway i am happy to say they have been great so far and will report back if anything changes. Please contact me if you need a more detailed review on them or wanted to ask anything about them with me directly.

4.5 5.0 58 58 All you can expect from a host, good support and good uptime. haven't had any problems. I own 9 wordpress websites which are medium level traffic. Shows their shared servers are gr iWebsterr