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Hosting your Website in Carshalton Beeches

When looking to setup a website for your business or personal use, it is not always important to look for local hosting – so let’s say that you are based in Sutton (UK) or even Carshalton Beeches, which is also in Surrey, and you like to host a WordPress website – do you search for a Sutton WordPress host? Or a host that is just anywhere and general?

Finding a host in Carshalton or anywhere in Surrey is not asking the right question – the right question is just to look for a good UK or US host – as today’s technology has improved so much, that you don’t have to worry about the distance your WordPress servers are located, it just matters if you have the correct and “healthy” kind of host.

In simple words, a host that is good, can provide its services anywhere in the world – and it  does not affect your website’s loading speed or running speed at all.

That said, some people still prefer a local host, only so that they are comfortable that it is within the same country – so in that case, see our other articles for the best host in Carshalton beeches or anywhere in the UK.

As a stable area in Great Britain, Carshalton Beeches is known for its peaceful neighbourhood and low crime rate; making it ideal to make your first steps in an area like this for your server location. Although these days, as long as you host a website in a country which is politically safe, and safe from natural disasters, you are still in a better place than others.

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Enterprise WordPress Hosting

iWebster vs Hostgator vs Justhost vs Bluehost Chart


When looking for Enterprise WordPress hosting, it is essential to search for the companies that actually specialize and have adjusted their servers for optimal performance to run the WordPress script itself.

There are only two hosts that can support enterprise level WordPress hosting, and they are as follows:

iWebsterr.com - This is currently the 5th time winner of the WordPress business hosting competition 2012/2013 in the UK. They have been around for a while and have the fastest WordPress servers around, along with all the features an enterprise would need to run their business website (emails, FTP, databases, scripts and anything you can think of!), including extremely fast technical support.

iClickster has the option of upgrading your servers to dedicated servers should your business ever need to expand their website – but their Unlimited domains plan is their actual enterprise WordPress plan ideal for any business wishing to get their website up and running in no time.

The second powerful WordPress hosting company is Hostgator and Justhost - as they have been around for a while, they do offer enterprise level business hosting for WordPress; but they are a little pricier, even though they provide the exact same thing as iClickster do – and their support response time is none the better from recent tests done in November 2013 by PC magazine.

Our blog is hosted by iWebsterr.com as well, and we also cannot complain as they have been very reasonable and we have never had a problem.

Fasthosts is not a host that we recommend however in terms of enterprise level wordpress hosting, because they have caused numerous problems for one our previous website, and the reviews (first and second hand) are supporting that statement.

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Why Use WordPress 2013

Why Use WordPress? Why Use WordPress instead of Dreamweaver? Why Use WordPress CMS? Why Use WordPress over Joomla? Why use WordPress for a business website?

All these questions come into mind when thinking of creating your beloved website either for your business or personal use – but you still have to consider so many things, which sometimes freezes you, when you can’t find the right answers that are convincing.

Lets start with each question and explain why use WordPress. Starting with a video from Youtube helping explaining why use WordPress.

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